River Valley BHWC - Waconia

Therapists / Clinicians

Mindy Antiel
MA, LPCC Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Location(s): Waconia


Mindy is a mental health therapist at River Valley, working with children, teens, and young adults. Mindy obtained her Masters at Argosy University in Clinical Psychology with a focus in children's mental health therapy. Her experience includes, day treatment, in-home services, individual, and parent-involved strategies. Mindy's focus includes working with individuals struggling with anxiety, OCD, depression, and ASD. In her free time, Mindy enjoys spending time with family, trying new coffee shops and restaurants, and staying active!

Paula Noonan

Location(s): Waconia


Paula has over 25 years of experience working with families. She comes to therapy with a background in trauma and crisis situations. Understanding that everyone handles these situations differently and what is traumatic for some might not be for others is at the center of how Paula approaches therapy and helping others. She has a strong understanding of family systems and how families can come together in difficult times. Paula uses a combination of CBT, Narrative therapy, DBT and talk therapy to help individuals reach their full potential. She is passionate about teenagers and their unique developmental phase. Paula works with children and uses developmentally appropriate approaches to help them identify emotions and learn to manage them through mindfulness and self-care. Paula has extensive experience in managing grief and loss, adoption and attachment issues, trauma backgrounds, and managing terminal illness.

Paula has a Masters degree in Applied Family and Child Studies from Northern Illinois University and a Masters in Social Work from Simmons University. She started her career working strictly with families in crisis and is now focused on helping families and individuals work through daily issues. She hopes to create an environment for individuals to feel safe expressing themselves and allow them to feel seen and heard.

Solveig Erickson

Location(s): Waconia


Solveig earned her Master’s degree in Social Work and chose to begin her career working as a mediator. Solveig transitioned into therapy to help people explore, learn and grow. Whatever you need, Solveig believes that a calm, accepting demeanor, and her knowledge of relationship dynamics will be helpful to you.

Solveig is glad you’re here on this journey and whether you’re experiencing a crisis, a transition, or simply need to sort through your feelings and thoughts with someone outside of your circle, she believes in the benefits of therapy. Solveig has a warm and casual approach that is non-judgmental – think of it as a series of conversations. She will meet you where you are in life and will listen, encourage, offer support, and guidance to help you achieve your specific goals.

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