Sports Psychology

Britin Thomsen, M.A., M.S.
Pre-licensed: Mental Health Therapist & Mental Performance Consultant


Britin received her M.A. in Sport and Exercise Psychology and M.S. in Mental Health Counseling from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Throughout her graduate training, she consulted club, high school, and college athletes through individual sessions and team workshops as a Mental Performance Coach. Before joining River Valley, she previously worked in a rural mental health setting treating anxiety disorders, mood disorders, ADHD, family relationships, and major transitions for all ages.

She currently provides individual counseling and mental skills training to athletes, coaches, retired athletes, and non-athletes from various ages and levels. Her work is centered around improving emotional and mental well-being, performance, and personal enjoyment. Her specialized training in counseling and sport psychology can help individuals in and outside of sport from various backgrounds:

  • Combating Burnout,
  • Managing Performance Anxiety,
  • Coping with Sport Injury,
  • Transitioning out of Sport,
  • Optimizing Mental Performance

What is Sports Psychology?

We are all performers. Although the field is derived from a sports context, it is for anyone who desires to improve their mental game. The term "sport psychology" is also referred to as "mental performance" and "mental skills training." Sport psychology is applied in settings beyond sport, such as in business, the military, the performing arts, and many others.

Sport psychology is for all performers at any level, whether the goal is to restore performance or enhance performance. Achieving peak performance goes beyond the physical preparation. Every athlete is unique in their own ways. Some individuals seek services to reach their personal goals, overcome obstacles, to connect with their teammates, or to reignite their passion for their sport again.


For athletes seeking mental health care to improve emotional and mental well-being impacting sport and other areas of life (relationships, school, home-life, etc.), a clinical diagnosis is made and insurance is accepted

Mental Skills Training

For athletes seeking to optimize performance, specifically related to sport. A clinical diagnosis is NOT made, and sessions are paid out of pocket. Insurance does not cover services.

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