Clinic FAQ

Why Do I Need To Arrive Early For My First Session With My Provider?

There are forms to be completed for therapy and medication appointments separately.  If you would like to complete paperwork at the office, please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment.  If you would like to download intake forms from our website, please complete them, bring them to your appointment, and arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment.

I Know There Is A 24-Hour Cancellation Policy, But What If I’m Not Feeling Well? Will I Be Charged?

Keeping scheduled appointments is important to preserve time for those who need it.  As a result of the many reasons for late cancellations (less than 24 hours in advance, not including Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays), we have identified only two exceptions to the policy:

1) Closing of the school district due to weather in your district and/or in Savage/Prior Lake district.
2) Hospital admission for any medical reason.

If either of these conditions are present, no fee will be charged.  For any other reason, including unexpected illness, the aforementioned cancellation fee will be applied.

To read the full Cancellation Policy, please reference our CLIENT SERVICE AGREEMENT GUIDE.


How Are Assessments Scheduled And Billed?

Assessments are unique to the individual. We schedule a 60-minute intake session for all assessments to evaluate current symptoms, functioning, and  needs for testing.  At the end of that session, a plan for psychological testing will be developed.  Insurance varies regarding coverage for assessments.  Preauthorization for testing will be completed by the provider prior to testing.  If testing is not approved, we will discuss with you the client financial responsibility. Court-Ordered evaluations may or may not be covered by insurance, depending on the plan.

Can I See A Medication Provider If I Receive Therapy Services At Another Clinic?

Yes, research shows that therapy coupled with a tailored medication plan is effective for managing symptoms.  With client consent, our providers collaborate with outside providers to provide the best possible care.

CALL or CONTACT US to schedule an appointment.


This Is My First Mental Health Appointment. Do I Schedule For Therapy or Medications?

We suggest you schedule an intake appointment with a trained therapist first, who will conduct a comprehensive intake tailored to the your individual needs.

CALL or CONTACT US to schedule an appointment.


What Types Of Insurance/Payment Options Are Covered And Available?

Payment is to be made at the time services are rendered. We accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Health Partners, Cigna, Preferred One, Medica/UBH, Aetna, SelectCare, Medicare, MA/Medicaid, Tricare/Triwest, Behavioral Health Systems, Health Savings Accounts, Private Pay, Sliding Fees and South Country Health Alliance in-network. Other medical insurances out-of-network. You may need to obtain prior authorization to obtain your reimbursement. We also accept private pay. Be sure to check your individual insurance plan for additional coverage information.

Can I Personally Request My Medical Records From My Therapist and Nurse Practitioner? Will I be Charged for The Records?

Yes, you may request your personal medical records but be advised that under HIPAA, a therapist may deny a patient or their personal representative access to psychotherapy notes. This is different than if you requested your notes specifically from your nurse practitioner. If you do request you records, you have two options for retrieval. You may have the records sent to you through USPS Certified Mail. For mailing the records there is a fee based on the amount of records:

Under 20 pages = $5.00

20-50 pages = $10.00

50-100 = $15.00

50+ = $20.00

You may also request that the records get sent you through and encrypted email. A test on the email will need to be ran prior to sending the records. There is no fee for records sent through email.

CALL or CONTACT US to request your records.


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