Therapy Services

Therapy assists people in solving personal problems and leading more satisfying and meaningful lives. Through self-discovery, people identify barriers to leading a fulfilling life and gain skills and confidence to overcome them. Restoration of hope, achievement of well-being, understanding of personal goals and values, and improvement of relationships are common outcomes.  

The therapists of River Valley Behavioral Health & Wellness Center are a group of highly trained and experienced professionals committed to helping you reach your goals in a confidential and comfortable setting. We offer both brief and long-term therapy approaches to life’s challenges, as well as assessment services for a variety of referral questions.

Areas of Expertise

• Individual Therapy
• Couples and Marital Therapy
• Family Counseling
• Pre-Marital Counseling
• Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
• Emotional & Behavioral Problems

• Life Transitions/Adjustments
• Separation & Divorce
• Relationship Enrichment
• Parenting & Family Issues
• School Related Issues
• Body Image and Eating Disorders

• Relaxation and Coping
• Stress Management
• Developmental/ Learning Disabilities
• Self-Esteem
• Panic Attacks
• Autism-Spectrum Disorders
• Depression & Anxiety
• Mood Disorders

• Personality Disorders
• Drug and Alcohol Abuse
• Anger Management
• Trauma, PTSD for Veterans, Abuse
• Grief & Loss
• Suicide Prevention
• Schizophrenia & Psychotic Disorders

Your path to Wellness Awaits